JOHN R. KJELLAND, Conservator


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P.O. BOX 205

Hall, MT 59837









Seeking projects to enable continued working, studying and teaching in the field of Wooden Objects Conservation, including other selected objects, and in promoting preservation of cultural property.





+ Developed good working relationships with people.

+ Completed successfully all contracts at five Parks, NPS.

+ Practiced in retractable/removable and "invisible" repairs

+ Filed as contractor with NPS, Harpers Ferry Center, DOC, since 1987

+ Skilled in structural and aged surface coating stabilization

+ Affiliated as member in American Institute for Conservation

+ Preformed on-site tests and obtained samples for scientists

+ Accomplished Conservation and Restoration Practitioner, since 1972

+ Provided detailed text and photographic documentation

+ Produced surveys and recommendations for treatment

+ Presented public lectures/workshops on related topics

+ Supervised workers on conservation projects

+ Achieved scientific/historic understandings

+ Published works on conservation





Under construction a 32’X24’ two story addition to my Hall, MT studio. Principal Project Consultant for Conservation Assessment to the Kramer Building funded by The National Trust for Preservation contracted to the Montana Heritage Commission, Virginia City, MT. To start work on the Original Governors Mansion, Montana Historical Society. Continued work in conservation and restoration of Historic and Artistic works.  Designer Craftsman in sculpture and furniture.




2004/06  Emergency employment  for National Park Service Petrified Forest (PEFO), Arizona; Contract Conservator treating all CCC furniture for the Painted Desert Inn, PEFO, NPS; Conserved a Mills Novelty Company 1906 fortune teller machine (“the gypsy”) treatment included

             design and manufacture of  electromechanical infills, gramophones, mechanical sound reproduction, textiles, paper, gesso/paint coatings, glass, metals, wood and transparent coatings. for the Montana Heritage Commission, Virginia City, MT; Twenty seven furniture pieces, Original Governors Mansion, Montana Historical Society


2001/03  Treatments: 46' Brunswick front and back bar, Valdez Museum, Alaska; 26' Brunswick bar, Helena, MT; 1750’s Amsterdam Tall clock case, Museum of the Rockies, MSU, Bozeman, MT; three Projects: 1. two box cars, 2. grain binder, 3. Grant Korhs Ranch, Deer Lodge, MT, National Park Service; Private Collections Care


1998/00 Contract work: 1650’s Dutch inlayed chest, held privately in Sante Fe, NM; Louise Nevillson, Sculpture, Northern States Conservation Center, St. Paul, MN; Mint Bar’s Back Bar and a Cunningham horse drawn hearse, Charles M. Russell Museum, Great Falls, MT.  Design/fabricate exhibit case with controlled environment for Historic wolves, Yellowstone National Park; Contract work for: *Brinkeroff Lodge (a US Presidential retreat), Museum of The Rockies, MSU, Bozeman, MT and the Montana State Historical Society


1996/97 Treatment to *61 Molesworth Furniture pieces, Brinkeroff Lodge, Grand Teton National Park; Inlaid Map Mural 10' X 17' an adhesive transfer of marquatry, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, Yellowstone National Park


1994/95 Field Program Evaluator, Institute of Museum Services for Conservation Project Support Program for the period 1990/93; Private Collections care


1992/94 Restoration and Duplication of a Brunswick Back Bar. Treatment to 41 objects, Fort Scott National Historic Site, N.P.S., Fort Scott, Kansas; Reviewer for Conservation Grant Applications for Institute of Museum Services, Washington DC; Gulf Stream III Aircraft, Interior woodwork restoration and elements design; Mackenzie River boat, wood and coatings restoration


1991      Treatment to 16 objects, Fort Scott National Historic Site, N.P.S., Fort Scott, KS; 1948 Packard Automobile, restoration of exterior wooden elements. Private collections care.


1987/90  Inlaid Map mural, adhesive stabilization, Yellowstone National Park; Period Furniture Collection at University Of Montana and The Arts Chateau, Butte, MT.                                   


1978/86  Designer/Builder of Windsor Chairs; Furniture Restoration Services; Director/Owner of "The School of Native Wood Constructions", dba, funded by Confederated Salish and KooteniaTribes, Pablo, MT


1972/77 Owner/Operator, "Homestead House", Missoula, MT; Restoration and Sales of Antiques Furniture; Artist


1972      Certified Electronics Technician , United States Navy, Vietnam Veteran




2004     46' Brunswick front and back bar, Valdez Museum, Alaska presentation to American Institute for Conservation 0f Historic Artistic Works, Portland, OR


2003     "Charles M. Russell Hearse - it ain't no skunk wagon", (horse drawn) Presented paper to Western Association of Art Conservation, Portland. Valdez Stagecoach, Future Treatment lecture, Valdez Museum,  Alaska


2001     “Aged Transparent Coatings and Furniture Care”, Valdez Museum, Alaska


1999          "Conservation of Antique Furniture" sponsored by Art Associates of Missoula as fund raiser


1989     “Furniture Coatings Care and Intervention Techniques" Day Workshop, Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University; "Conservation Treatment as an Exhibition" Mountain Plains Museum Association News Letter, Sept. 1998; Contributions to "ConsDist List in Conservation on Line, Stanford University


1997          Paper presented at the Twenty Fifth Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation, Published A. I. C. Post Prints; "Adhesive Transfer of 24,520 Square inches of Marquetry"; "Inlaid Map Conservation", “People and Place” Fourth Biennial Scientific Conference at Yellowstone National Park


1992          "Wooden Objects Coatings Care"  2 day workshop, Montana Historical Society Helena, MT and Arts Chateau, Butte, MT


1986     "Furniture Care", Arts Chateau and Period Furniture Museum, Butte, MT




1998           Course work in chemistry University of Montana, "Protective and Decorative Coatings" I and II held at The Conservation Analytical Laboratory, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.


1993          "Historic Structures Stabilization Techniques", sponsored by U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Montana Historical Society and the National Trust held at Virginia City, MT


1992      "New Methods in Cleaning Decorative Surfaces" and "Cross Sectional Microscopy", by Richard Wolbers, from The University of Delaware held at The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, Waltham, MA


1986/89  “Historic Preservation Maintenance Williamsport Training Center, National Park Service, held at Glacier National Park; "Painting and Preservation Maintenance", by Williamsport

                       Training Center, National Park Service, held at Remount Station, Lolo National Forest


1986/88  "Internship in Museum and Collections Care Administration", course work including Chemistry, University of Montana, Missoula, MT


1987      “Methods of Examination, Analysis and Documentation of Furniture”, Conservation Analytical Laboratory and Museum Support Center, Smithsonian Institution, D.C.


1972/79  Sculpture, Furniture, Design and Gallery Showings, Student at University of Montana, Missoula, MT




Upon request, including support material.