Northern States Conservation Center

Assisted in cleaning and stabilizing original black pigmented coating on a Louise Nevillson sculpture for City of St. Paul, MN


       Charles M. Russell Museum

Mint Back Bar:

Stabilized structural elements, reproduced carved embellishments, recovered earlier or original finish by removal of a latter layers of grim and oil bound resin.

Horse Drawn Hearse:

Structurally stabilized elements and recovered original finish by removal of a latter layer of oil bound resin. In situ at the Trails End Gallery, C. M. Russell Museum


       Private Collections Treatment and Care

Comfortable with 18th century family or historic furniture and other selected objects


       Yellowstone National Park, National Park Service

Inlaid Map Mural 10' X 17'; adhesive and cloth backing transfer to marquetry.


       Fort Scott National Historic Site, National Park Service

Fort Scott, KS Treatment to 57 artifacts.


       Grand Teton National Park, Brinkerhoff Lodge

(a presidential retreat); 61 pieces of Molesworth furniture


       Yellowstone National Park, National Park Service

Design and fabrication of exhibit case for displaying mounts of the original wolf species found in the park before their extinction.


       Institute of Museum Services, Washington, D.C.

Field Program Evaluator for Conservation Project Support Program.


       Museum of The Rockies, Montana State University

McGill (museum's founder) Furniture Collection, Bozeman, MT


       Brunswick Back Bar

Restoration and duplication of two side wings


       1948 Packard Automobile

Restoration of exterior wooden elements


       University Of Montana, Missoula, MT

Conservation within the Period Furniture Collection.


       The Arts Chateau

Period Furniture Museum; 21 furniture pieces, Butte, MT


       Stylized Windsor Rocking Chairs

Designer and Builder - with unique carving, overlaying and inlaying


       The School of Native Wood Constructions

Director and Owner; Funded by Confederated Salish and Kootenia Tribes, Pablo, MT