Mandan Indian Dolls, circa 1880

Treatment: Loss compensation to wax anatomy, quiver, arrows, bow, lance and necklace using wax, beads, leather, sinew, resin, wood and feathers, Santa Fe, NM. 20.5 high







Dutch Floral Chest, circa 1650

Treatment: Repaired splits in substrate and marquetry, compensated for losses in marquetry elements and worn drawer slides, recovered aged finish using adhesive, wood, shellac and wax.







Desk - American, late 1700s

Treatment: Minor structural repairs, sensitive cleaning, inpainting and French polishing.








C.M. Russell's Hearse, 1926

Treatment: removed top linseed oil over-paint , reformed original coating, cleaned interior, stabilized wooden roof and canvas overlay.

On display at The C.M. Russell Museum, Great Falls, MT.